Maos communism a short histography essay

Standard Chinese, for example, has no alphabet, lacks long words and uses changes in pitch to convey meaning. Historical understanding can also change over time, as new evidence is uncovered and new perspectives are located and considered.

These changes will bring about balance and cooperation. These historians painted a negative picture of Mao, condemning him as malignant dictator in the same vein as Stalin.

In other words, the group that led the revolution is still in charge of the nation and exerts control over its government, society, information and history. This extreme authority and regulation of all areas of society, they pronounce, will guarantee protection from injustice. The difference lies in how to fight the oppression and in how much control is necessary to realize the goal.

Both philosophies believe a new collective focus on society should replace the selfish drive of Capitalism.

Essay: Communism and Socialism – A Struggle of Ideals

Chinese Revolution historiography Sima Qian, an ancient scholar considered the father of Chinese history This page is a brief introduction to the historiography of the Chinese Revolution.

These societies progress from one phase to the next through upheaval and revolution. History is not a concrete narrative or set of facts; it is an ongoing discussion and debate about the past. The slow, poorly planned economic structure of both Socialism and Communism fail to meet the needs of the people.

It may be decades, even generations before we know enough about the revolution and its aftermath to fully understand its impact. Inaccurate calculations of needs often result in extreme shortages. This rendition of Mao is completely at odds with official communist accounts. Mao claimed to be loyal to Marxism, however, he adapted or reinvented many aspects of Marxist theory.

It was shaped both by complex internal factors, by foreign powers and by several wars. Mao is no longer seen as flawless or blameless, however.

Historiography is the study of how history is written and the different ways in which we interpret and understand it.


Around 70 per cent of people speak Standard Chinese, though there are dozens of provincial languages and dialects in use.

This is because Standard Chinese uses a different vocabulary, sentence structures and syntax word arrangement than English, making a direct word-for-word translation impossible. Marxist criticisms of materialism and foreign imperialism were popular among Chinese intellectuals after World War I.

Communism, unlike Socialism, believes there should be no private property at all and no rights to inheritance.

Capitalism and Communism

Most histories of China published inside China offer only Marxist or neo-Marxist interpretations. Once the socialistic changes take hold and the common people are strengthened, they will realize total equality necessitates more control.

The government exercises censorship over material published in China, as well as the importation and circulation of foreign books.

Chinese society is extraordinarily complex, filled with attitudes and beliefs that are shaped by class, status, politics, education, employment, provincial ties, ancestry and family. They paint Mao as a usurper someone who seized power without adequate reason or support or a deviationist someone who corrupted Marxist theory.

While Marxism is an internationalist movement, Mao transformed the Chinese Revolution into a nationalist event, fuelled by bitter opposition to foreign imperialism, Soviet interference and Western influences.

From mid, the Red Guards pressured, intimidated and persecuted any historian or academic who did not adopt a Maoist hard line.

Their plans for fairness and plenty for all people have not always bore fruit. As a consequence, the political, social and economic development has followed a much different course to European nations. Communists believe that the people should rise up against the oppressors and demand a total renovation of the economic and political systems that are holding down the people.

Demands for unrealistic quotas lead to low quality production. Socialism, being more economically driven, believes in government, or collective, control and administration of all means of production and distribution of goods. Although they take different directions in achieving fairness and equality, both Socialism and Communism seem to simply replace the evil of Capitalism with their own failures.

In their view, communism was a flawed system that inflicted abuses of power, failed policies and suffering on the Chinese people. They summarise how historians from each school have tended to view particular aspects of the revolution, such as its leaders, events and ideas.

The concepts and values you know well may not apply so readily or neatly to the history of China. Until the 13th century, China existed in almost total isolation from the West. Marx wrote that human societies progress through a series of phases: These language differences can create problems for the researching historian.

Revolutions are complex events that trigger many short and long-term changes. This changed with the rise of Mao Zedong. They both believe in conquering capitalistic oppression and in collective control of economic issues. Perspectives on Maos reign as Chairman of the CCP and rule of the P.R.C.

Essay about Communism. Words 3 Pages. Communism Essay Words | 12 Pages. I Introduction Communism: A theory and system of social and political organization that was a major force in world politics for much of the 20th century.

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Maos communism a short histography essay
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