A look into short comings of the electoral college and alternative electoral processes

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How Democratic Is the American Constitution?

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Political Science

andthese are all years that a president has been elected into office by winning the Electoral College, but not the popular vote. The Electoral College is an electing body of people who elect somebody to an office on behalf of a larger group.

- Since when the referendum on the Direct Election of the President of the French Republic took place, the President was to be chosen by the people through universal suffrage instead of by the electoral college like it has been before.

In short, what's so special about "democracy" and its corresponding idol, "public opinion," that people bow to them as hallowed virtues of a good society? In this class we provide a framework in which these and other central questions of political theory have been and can be addressed.

ways.+ Our political system with its electoral process frequently supplies examples of the most intense competition. present form of free elections with all of its short-comings? Our legal system characterize everythiJ1g from types of conflict to general processes of growth and development, we are neither surprised or shocked by the.

A look into short comings of the electoral college and alternative electoral processes
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