100 writing topics

The air seems coolest at this time and you would think it would be quiet but the birds are always up chattering away as if to say, "Where have you been, did you sleep in.

Describe your dream house. There is nothing that young people can teach older people. Use specific reasons to explain your choice.

Would you prefer to live in a traditional house or in a modern apartment building. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment to date and why.

Give specific reasons to support your answer. How does it function. What can be done to increase attendance at your favorite sporting event. What are some other reasons that people work. These high-interest prompts will encourage kids to describe, explain, persuade, and narrate every day of the school year.

But it was too late, the masculine hand was already on her When you write your answer, you are not limited to the examples listed in the question. How can you move out of the "friend zone". How can players prepare themselves for the inevitable loss. Write about a baby-sitting experience.

Do you think these people deserve such high salaries. Some students like classes where teachers lecture do all of the talking in class. Dancing plays an important role in a culture. Pick your favorite sport.

Many things get the hair on the back of my neck up, but nothing more so than Would you rather have the university assign a student to share a room with you, or would you rather choose your own roommate.

Others choose to spend time with a large number of friends.

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These prompts give students focus and purpose as they respond in writing to fiction and nonfiction they have read. How can we prevent children from being negatively influenced by violence and pornography in media such as video games, movies, and the Internet.

Your parents go into a store and tell you to watch your brother. What is your definition of success.

What causes the increasing number of children affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Write about a time you were talked into something and you regretted it. This is not a problem for us. Do you think this is a good idea. Continue Writing from Here Did you ever break an important promise.

You wouldn't think your sense of hearing would be paramount when you are being attacked but I guess that is just one of the ways the body separates itself from the pain.

Use reasons and specific examples to explain why these characteristics are important. Write about a time you performed in front of an audience. You are to tell a person from a distant planet or from another era what pollution is.

Essay Writing Topics

Reading fiction such as novels and short stories is more enjoyable than watching movies. High schools should allow students to study the courses that students want to study.

Do you think we should pay attention to these opinions. Some people prefer to plan activities for their free time very carefully. What is one thing you will do to improve your community?.

Jul 31,  · Short Story (or Novel) Writing Prompts. Updated on November 14, Moe Wood. more. Contact Author. Source. A Few Words to Get You Started. I love to write creative writing prompts.

100 Problem Solution Essay Topics with Sample Essays

For over seven years, I have been coming up with new ideas every week for The Write turnonepoundintoonemillion.coms: Persuasive Essay Topics Share Flipboard Email Print An Introduction to Essay Writing Introduction Choosing a Topic. Writing Topics; English students can begin writing a persuasive essay at any skill level.

You're sure to find a sample topic or two from the list of persuasive essays below, sorted by degree of difficulty. A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Writing. Over great problem solution or proposal paper topic ideas, plus sample essays and links to articles on how to write an excellent paper!

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100 writing topics
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Journal Writing Prompts: Enough for Every Day of the School Year